About Us

Established in 2004, the company has a wide experience in the Customs domain, this experience being gained in the last 9 years of activity by it's founder and by the personnel.

Thanks to a personnel having the necessary experience in this domain, it was easy for us to develop our activity, to be in a continuous ascension, and the fact which give us confidence that we are on the good way is represented by our turnover of 1 million Euro after only one year of activity.

Our company's main domains of activity are: Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage.


  • Berenz Spedition - Arad
    T: 0257273633, 0257272886; F: 0372000699
  • Berenz Spedition - Moravita
    T: 0256397200, 0728994362; F: 0372000699
  • Berenz Spedition - Timisoara Airport
    T: 0256386048; F: 0372000699
  • Berenz Spedition - Timisoara Base - Cal. Lugojului
    (inside Timisoara Customs)
    T: 0256386048; F: 0372000699
  • Berenz Spedition - Orsova - Str. Tufari Orsova
    T: 0252360555, 0766096180; F: 0372000699
  • Customs Commission - Naidas
    T: 0255571420, 0728994363; F: 0372000699